Happy Birthday, Let’s Just Go!

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.”  -C.S. Lewis

Happy Birthday, Let’s Just Go!   

On April 7, 2020, Let’s Just Go, our little travel blog was born. 

When I decided to start our blog, the world was so different.  Our 2020 started by escaping the February snow and freezing temperatures with a cruise, a norm for our travel calendar.  We were home by March 1, healthy and rested.  The very next week, we closed the deal on our new RV and rolled right into our inaugural camping weekend.  Meanwhile, the world was falling apart and it was all heading our way. 

Our February 2020 cruise
We were able to travel safely in 2020 in our new RV

By March 18, our home state of Virginia went under a stay-at-home order.  Words like quarantine, social distancing, and “flattening the curve” became new, uncertain parts of our vocabulary.   With a newly minted worldwide pandemic, we were fascinated at the hoarding of toilet paper and found ourselves trying to resist joining in on the strange panic!        

The concept for Let’s Just Go was born well before the pandemic but with a stay at home order in place, I found myself with plenty of time to get to work on my new project.   

Looking back, it seems ridiculous to start a travel blog in the middle of a pandemic where staying at home was required and our ability to travel was restricted.  Maybe so, but I think you’d agree, we didn’t really think this pandemic thing would be dragging on a year later! 

Despite the pandemic, starting a blog became a great hobby, a true passion, and a great outlet.  Writing about our travels and sharing what we’ve learned about the associated pieces of our adventures has been a great way to deal with pandemic burnout and connect with so many like-minded travelers. 

As we approach Let’s Just Go’s one-year anniversary, we are finally starting to travel, at last!  Right now we are road tripping and for later this year, tickets have been purchased and reservations have been made.

Cape Charles, Virginia; one of our weekend adventures

If you’ve been reading at any point this past year, I can’t thank you enough, dear reader, for your support!  I hope you are being inspired to travel, finding some good tips for your next trip, or just like to dream along with us. I hope that we can bring you along on our travels this year so, stay tuned! 

We hope that you have all been safe and well in the last year and we hope that you can manage to travel this year or as soon as you are comfortable doing so.   

Thanks so much for coming along with us.  My hope for us all is that we can travel with abandon again very soon!

Happy Birthday, dear Let’s Just Go!

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