GyPSy Guide; An Awesome Addition To Your Road Trip

“It feels so good to be lost in the right direction.”  -Unknown

If you are like us, you can barely navigate your hometown without the modern technology of GPS. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are a wonderful technology that has changed how we all navigate at home and as we travel.

GyPSy Guide is a less-than-traditional form of GPS and if you are planning a major road trip to some iconic travel destinations, GyPSy Guide can be a fun and unique tool to enhance your trip.

What is GyPSy Guide?

GyPSy Guide is a GPS-based, narrated tour guide that plays automatically as you drive along popular routes in designated regions. Install the app onto your phone and it works at any point in your route. In a pleasant, friendly voice, GyPSy Guide gives turn-by-turn directions like a traditional GPS while also offering lots of fun facts, regional and local history, and points of interest as you drive along the set route. Using GyPSy Guide is like having a knowledgeable local or tour guide in the car with you who knows all the great spots to stop for a quick meal or to explore. If you decide to stop for a break or at a recommended point of interest, you can pause or stop the narration at any point and pick it up where you left off when you are ready to continue your drive. Cool, right?

I named our guide George! He started off a bit chatty, giving some initial instructions, and jumped right into our tour. He was almost conversational, funny, and entertaining and our trip from Miami to Key West went by in a flash.

How much is the GyPSy guide?

The app is free to load onto your phone and it offers individual tours which you buy based on where you want to go, like the one we took from Miami to Key West along US Highway 1.  Don’t worry, you can start your drive at any point in the tour and as soon as your GyPSy Guide hits its first marker on the drive, the tour will begin. 

Inside the app, you will see the various tours offered by GyPSy Guide.  Each individual tour is purchased separately but the app also offers tour bundles.

Easy to use and follow screen layouts

What tours are offered?

Currently, GyPSy Guide offers tours in Canada, Hawaii, US East, US West, and Australia.  Inside each of these categories are the individual tours offered, like the one we enjoyed. Download the app and you can see all the tours offered and the cost for each individual tour or bundled locations. Once you have purchased a tour, it is yours to use again and again.

At purchase, your tour is downloaded right to your device and is available offline so no cell service or Wi-Fi signal is needed.  A great plus for those areas where service is not reliable.

Tours currently offered

Canada: the Canadian Rockies National Parks; Icefields Parkway; Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, & Yoho National Park; Banff Town Area; Jasper National Park; Calgary to Banff; Kamloops Banff Highway 1; Vancouver Kamloops Highway 1; Drumheller, Vancouver Downtown; Vancouver Whistler; and Waterton National Park & Alberta’s South West Communities.

A tour bundle for Vancouver & Canadian Rockies is available.

Hawaii:  Maui; Road to Hana-Maui; Big Island-Hawaii; Haleakala Volcano, Maui; Kauai; Oahu; and Volcano, Kauai, Oahu, and Volcanos National Park-Big Island Hawaii.

A tour bundle for Hawaii is available and includes tours of all four main islands; Big Island, Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. 

US East:  Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Miami, Key West & the Florida Keys; and Vermont Scenic Route 100 Byway.

US West: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons; Grand Canyon, South Rim; Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks; Big Sur PCH Highway 1; Yosemite National Park; Arches & Canyonlands National Parks; Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, & Badlands; Going to the Sun Road & Glacier National Park; Rocky Mountain National Park; Arches National Park; Canyonlands National Park; Grand Canyon West Rim, Hoover Dam & Red Rock Canyon; Yellowstone National Park; and Grand Teton National Park. 

Two tour bundles are available for the US West.  If you have the time and can do it all, one bundle offers all of the tours noted above in one tour.  The other bundle available is called California and Grand Circle which includes Big Sur PCH Highway 1, Arches & Canyonlands National Parks, Grand Canyon West Rim, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, and Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks. 

Australia only has one tour available currently for the Great Ocean Road. 

GyPSy Guide is a terrific addition for RV families or anyone traveling by car and it can offer a lot of helpful information about the area in which you will be traveling that you would likely not learn otherwise. 

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