6 Travel YouTube Travel Channels You Will Love

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”  -John Quincy Adams

My husband and I love to travel but when we aren’t traveling, we are dreaming of traveling or researching for our next trip. Some of that research involves watching YouTube. Yes, YouTube!

YouTube is a great go-to resource for just about any topic that you might have an interest in and there are tons of channels out there on travel. We look for travel YouTube channels that speak to cruising, RVing, and individual vlogs on specific topics as we research our travels. We especially enjoy channels that help us learn, inspire us, and make us laugh. Over the years, we have started watching YouTube almost exclusively and we’ve found a long list of channels that we enjoy and follow closely. Among them are 6 channels that we highly recommend.

Tim & Fin

Tim and Fin saved $60,000 and quit their jobs to take a year-long honeymoon around the world. Along the way, they became digital nomads and never returned to the corporate world. Instead, they started their own Amazon FBA, Tripped Travel Gear, that gave them the financial freedom to pursue their bucket list and to work where and when they need to. (I never travel without their Tripped Travel Gear compression packing cubes.)

We first discovered Tim and Fin’s YouTube channel when they briefly owned an RV and traveled to Alaska, a trip we would love to take one day.  Their channel is a great mix of traveling on a budget and traveling first class.  Best of all, they travel with their adorable dog Pepper who steals the show and receives Employee of the Month at Tripped Travel Gear every month!

Another truly genuine, lovely YouTube couple, Craig and Aimee are free-spirited adventurers from Wales who possess sharp wits that make us laugh out loud! They fiercely love dogs and their friends and don’t hesitate to share their anxieties with their viewers. In addition to their passion for travel, they are even more passionate about supporting mental health.

Find them at @timandfin, http://www.timandfintravel.com, and on Amazon, find them at Tripped Travel Gear.

Tim and Fin (and Pepper) @timandfin

Newstate Nomads

Katelyn and Howard Newstate are the Newstate Nomads. The Newstates have traveled full-time for almost four years in their RV. They have explored Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Florida, and even Mexico in their 200 Square feet on wheels. They occasionally even take their audience on wonderful trips outside of the United States such as an in-depth series to our favorite country of Italy.

Katelyn and Howard are engaging, genuine, informative, and just lovely people who take us along to beautiful places, giving great tips along the way. They also seek out the best spots to eat as they travel and our mouths water as we watch them sample scrumptious local goodies!

But what we love most about Katelyn and Howard is that they are dog lovers. They travel with their pack of pups, Piper, Ella, and Scout and if you don’t know Scout’s story, be sure to check it out, but be warned! For one of the sweetest stories on YouTube, you will want to have a box of tissue handy: Can We Adopt a Dog in Mexico? An Emotional Dog Adoption and Pet Rescue Story. If you are dog lovers like us, you will just love Katelyn and Howard after watching this episode!

Find them at @newstatenomads and look for more of their content at www.newstatenomads.com.

Howard and Katelyn Newstate; @NewstateNomads

Kinging It

We first discovered Craig and Aimee of Kinging It as we watched their fellow You Tubers, Eamon and Bec (see below). Being introduced to them through other YouTubers, we promptly found Craig and Aimee’s channel and watched their story from the beginning. I don’t want to spoil it for you but their story is a great one and watching their blogs from the beginning will help you to understand and appreciate why they travel.

Find them at @wearekingingit.

Craig and Aimee; @wearekingingit

Eamon and Bec

Eamon and Bec are funny, genuine adventurers who share their life of travel and their life at home with their viewers. Their vlogs reflect their love for travel, each other, and their friends and families. I don’t recall how we found them but these YouTubers traveled the world in their van until the start of the Pandemic when they found a lakeside Canadian cabin that we saw them transform.

Eamon and Bec have documented Bec’s battle with cancer which she bravely shared on their channel. Bec has been an inspiration as she shared her good and bad days with her viewers. Bec is a mighty force and we hope to see her and Eamon traveling again soon.

Eamon and Bec also have a bear of a dog and he is the new star of their channel.

Find them at @eamonandbec.

Eamon and Bec; @eamonandbec

Adventures of A+K

Adam, Kathryn (A+K), and their dog Kona are Adventures of A+K.  

Adam and Kathryn are native Texans who live in their self-converted sprinter van in which they travel the United States. Adam and Kathryn are charming, funny, and real with their viewers, showing us the magnificent vistas that they find along long hiking trails, highlighting the charms of the towns they visit, and enticing us with tacos, ice cream, coffee, and other mouth-watering meals that they discover along the way.

Their vlogs are visually stunning and their website offers travel guides and other resources to fellow travelers who want to follow their recommendations. And just like Katelyn and Howard, Adam and Kathryn have also traveled outside of the United States and we look forward to following them abroad again soon.

Find them at @adventuresofaplusk and www.adventuresofaplusk.com

Adam and Kathryn; @adventuresofaplusk

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are another world-traveling couple that we have followed from the beginning. They have taken their viewers to over 100 countries, lived in a van during the pandemic, and taken on challenges of physical endurance we would never dream of!

I think the things I love most about Kara and Nate are the way they seemed to connect with people in Iran when they didn’t speak the language, how they embraced my favorite country of Italy, and the times that they traveled with family and friends. They show their viewers places that many of us would never consider going to or can’t go to due to cost such as the North and South Poles.

Find them at @karaandnate.

Kara and Nate; @karaandnate

If you are looking for a way to spend the next rainy day or you need to find some travel inspiration, be sure to check out our favorite travel YouTube channels. They all have healthy libraries to binge on and you can travel with them from the comfort of your couch with your favorite snacks! Who knows! You might discover inspiration for the next trip you would like to take and I know you’ll find a good laugh or two.

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