Campfire Pie Iron Pizza Sandwiches; A Fun Camping Meal For Kids Of All Ages

We love pizza and are always searching for great places to enjoy one of our favorite foods when we travel.  This passion extends to our camping trips but when we go camping, I prefer to make my own and as the meal planner and primary cook, I insist that our meals are simple, fun, and delicious.  With this recipe, I think I found a great option!


RV Cooking; Taking Our Favorite Recipe With Us

Not only did we eat great food in our RV this summer but we were asked to participate in the Rootless Living Magazine Summer Cookout Series which was tons of fun.  Over the course of a couple weekends, we used our RV and Blackstone Griddle to bring Rose Mary's Fried Rice recipe to life to share with the RV community. 

Virginia State Parks, Campground Series: Chippokes Plantation State Park

Just under an hour from home, Chippokes Plantation State Park is one of the closest parks and best known to us of all the parks.  When we bought our RV in March, we took it straight to Chippokes for our very first camping trip and despite the Pandemic interrupting our fun, we have restarted our camping adventures at Chippokes again this month.  With Chippokes being so close to home, it has been a great spot for us to test our camping ability in our new equipment before venturing too far.  My husband has called these our "Shake down" trips.