“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret.”

-Oscar Wilde

Thanks for joining us! Welcome to Let’s Just Go!

I’m Christina, self professed Travel Addict and my Husband, Roger, is my enabler and fellow sufferer!

A little bit about us

Roger and I met as kids in our church youth group and we were there anytime the doors were open for choir practice, lock-ins, camps, car washes, and choir tours. Roger is four years older than me so at the time, I was only in his orbit, not his friend group. Somehow, I think we were destined to be together because one day, I was old enough to be a “cool kid” and we went everywhere together. We have been living happily ever after now for over 25 years.

As lifelong Virginians, we have been blessed with great careers that are fueling our travels; Roger works in Finance and I am a New Graduate Nurse Recruiter.

After we got married, we started traveling. We started off by renting an RV in Miami and driving down to Key West. That was a memorable trip that kicked off what has turned out to be a lifetime of adventure and memories.

Our suitcases have definitely known their designed purposes and they are well worn (others have been replaced-I love shopping for suitcases, don’t you? It is the most hopeful shopping trip ever!). We’ve enjoyed traveling with our family and friends internationally, we’ve relished nearly 20 cruises, and over the last two years, we have researched and purchased our newest adventure in an RV with the hope to get out and explore the United States up close in our RV, starting in our home state.

Like most people that are addicted to travel, we always have a “bucket list” going somewhere and we are adding new places to it all the time. We always have a trip in the planning stage and we enjoy dreaming and planning for the next adventures to come.

We are so glad you are here and we are excited to share our adventures. We hope you find inspiration and enjoy our shenanigans.

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One of my favorite quotes is: “Live life with no excuses. Travel with no regret.” We hope to inspire you to take that adventure that you might be dreaming about and travel with no regret!

If you’re ready, Let’s Just Go!

Christina and Roger