Welcome to Let’s Just Go

Hi Y’all! We are Christina and Roger and welcome to Let’s Just Go!

Let’s Just Go is our travel blog where we hope to share tips, tricks, and our adventures in hopes of inspiring you to travel anywhere, in any way you can, as often as you can.

As avid travelers, we believe that Mr. Oscar Wilde got it right! “Live life with no excuses. Travel with no regrets.” For two people always looking for someplace new to explore, this is our favorite mantra! Our travels have ranged from those epic trips that we call, “pinch me” places, to cruising, running away on a road trip, packing up the RV, or jumping onto a plane. Near or far, we are determined to travel with no regrets!

In that spirit, Let’s Just Go was born.

About Us

Once upon a time, our travel adventures started with an RV rental that took us from Miami to Key West, Florida, and back.  A few years later, we got our first passports and traveled to jolly ‘ole London, England for the first time. Needless to say, we’ve been traveling anywhere we can, as often as we can ever since! 

Over the years, our suitcases have certainly come to know their designed purposes and they are well worn. We’ve enjoyed traveling both internationally and in the United States.  Planes, trains, and automobiles are all acceptable ways to travel but add a cruise ship to that list, and we are happy campers!  Oh, and speaking of campers, in 2020, we purchased our RV, further expanding our search for adventures and beautiful places in the United States.

We always have a trip in the planning stage and we enjoy dreaming and planning for the next adventures to come. When we aren’t traveling, we try to look for chances to explore what is around us. Remember, travel doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money and packing a huge suitcase. We hope that you will come along and that we can offer tips, tricks, and recommend experiences we think you might enjoy in your travels. 

Let’s Connect

We are so glad you are here and we are excited to share our adventures.  We hope to inspire you to travel near and far, whether you are exploring your  home city or venturing into the far reaches of the world!

We would love to have you join us at @letsjustgo247 on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You may also reach out by email at letsjustgo@icloud.com.

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Thanks for coming along.  Pack a bag and Let’s Just Go!