Things To Do In Virginia; Visit A Tulip Farm

“I must have flowers, always, always.”  -Monet

My husband and I are always on the look out for somewhere to go and explore and in our home state of Virginia, there is no end to finding something beautiful and fascinating.  We want to be sure that appreciating our travels includes the place where we live.   

If you’ve been following along, so far we have taken a weekend trip to explore the City of Roanoke and just spent a lovely afternoon at the Berkley Plantation in Chase City.  Finding a new place to explore at home sometimes means as much research and preparation as traveling abroad but we have a list we are working through with more to come!

One particular spot that I found as I researched is Burnside Farms, and after reading about them, I knew we had to plan a visit.   I have been stalking their Instagram for weeks, waiting for the opening of their Festival of Spring and this week, that announcement came.  I grabbed tickets immediately and we were off! 

Festival of Spring at Burnside Farms

For three short, very precious weeks each spring, Burnside Farms explodes with color as 2.5 million tulip bulbs bloom across 15 acres.   The result is spectacular and the farm opens to the public for a not-to-be missed “pick-your-own” event. 

The trick is knowing when the tulips will bloom!  Spring in Virginia means that we can experience winter, spring and summer all in one day!  This wild spring weather can certainly influence the tulips’ bloom so I watched Burnside Farms’ Instagram page for regular updates. 

Situated in the rural suburbs of Northern Virginia, it is obvious that the events that Burnside Farms offers are very popular.  Even with timed admittance in April 2021, it was obvious that we were not the only ones waiting for the tulips to open.  We chose to go on a Friday morning with the thinking that a weekend would be pretty busy and based on the size of the Friday crowd that we joined, I have no doubt that we chose wisely. 

Our admission included five tulip stems with each ticket purchase and when picking, if you follow the directions given and the ground is wet enough, you also will find the bulb still attached.  You may purchase the bulbs and extra tulip stems if you wish, all for an additional $1 each.  If you don’t want to the bulbs, you can cut them off at check-out and wrap your bouquet for the ride home.  I took a container of water so that my modest bouquet could survive our three-hour trip.   

The staff on the farm will provide instruction on how to pick your tulips and bringing up the bulb is all part of the process.

With admission, the farm also provides a children’s play area, restrooms, a picnic area, and live music on the weekends.  It is a festive, family atmosphere and a great way to get outside with your family.  And, if you have a dog who is well behaved on a leash, he or she is welcomed to join in the fun!   You are encouraged to bring your camera for obvious reasons!

Enjoy all that the farm has to offer

The farm has other events as well that are specific to the season at hand. 

Summer: In mid-July, the farm offers 30 varieties of sunflowers on eight acres in successive crops, meaning that there should be sunflowers in bloom through Labor day. 

Fall: In the fall, the farm offers a 6 acre corn maze and pumpkins are available through the month of October. 

Winter: In the winter, the farm opens the day after Thanksgiving, offering fresh-cut Christmas trees.

Be sure to check out the farm’s website for all the up-to-date details you need to visit for the events above.  Admission prices and other good-to-know information is there to ensure that your visit is a pleasant one.  Keep in mind that weather will determine the crop and it’s availability but the website and other social media outlets that the farm uses are great spots to watch as well. 

One piece of advice.  Burnside Farm is an actual, working farm.  I recommend wearing appropriate clothing and footwear.  The day we visited, the ground was very soft and muddy in spots.  It was also chilly on the hill and we were glad to have taken jackets and sweatshirts, even in mid-April.  Be sure to check the weather and take the gear that will make you comfortable.       

Festival of Spring at Burnside Farms
My favorite tulips!

How to find and visit Burnside Farms

If you’d like to see more, be sure to visit Burnside Farms’ website,, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Burnside Farms is located at:  1108 Kettle Run Road, Nokesville, Virginia 20181

I hope you enjoy your time on the farm! 

Where do you live?  Do you know what might be close by or a few hours down the road from home that can WOW you about your home state?  Don’t forget to explore in your own backyard.  You might be missing something great!

If you’re hoping to travel to Virginia, I will certainly continue to share our adventures with you and I hope you will come to visit soon!

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