Returning to Cruising: 10 Changes To Cruising Since The Pandemic 

Whether to return to cruising is a personal decision and for those of you who love to cruise but may have some concerns like we did,  these are 10 pandemic changes that we encountered on our ship that might help you as you consider returning to cruising.  

Luggage Tags; How & Why You Should Use Them

Do you know how important luggage tags are when you travel? Discovering that your suitcase has not met you in baggage claim is never a fun experience and it can be an incredibly inconvenient and disruptive component to your trip.  In fact on an overseas flight to Sweden, my husband's suitcase got lost due to a canceled flight and he found himself without his belonging for nearly his entire trip.

3 Days To Explore In Alabama

It's a long road trip for us to get to our annual family reunion in Mississippi so to break up this year's drive, we planned to stop and explore the beautiful state of Alabama.  With three days, we explored as many of the highlights as we could.

Things To Do In Norfolk, Virginia; Norfolk Botanical Garden

As we travel, we enjoy botanical gardens of all shapes and sizes but at home, we are lucky enough to have Norfolk Botanical Garden on our back doorstep where we can enjoy beautiful flowers all spring and summer and a spectacular holiday light display in the winter.  This family-friendly spot is a great place to host a wedding or just spend an afternoon. 

Visiting Historical Virginia; Berkley Plantation

Berkley Plantation is a family friendly and a history buff's bonanza!  It is not in the center of the Williamsburg tourist attractions, which is a plus for us and we thought it was worth the short drive to visit.  The plantation is peaceful and beautifully situated high above the James River.