Gift Ideas For The Cruise Traveler

Giving just the right gift, no matter the special occasion can sometimes be a challenge.  When I shop for someone, I think about two things: 1. What do they need or want that they wouldn't purchase for themselves?  Or, 2. What gift would I love to receive?  No matter what your shopping strategy is, if you are shopping for a cruising traveler, I can recommend some thoughtful gifts that your cruiser will love! 

6 Packing Tips For Your Cruise

There are two types of travelers in my house.  One traveler starts to pack a few weeks before the trip, making sure that we have all of the must-haves to make our trip comfortable.  The other traveler is famous for packing the night before we leave for a trip and has become a legend because he once traveled without packing shirts.  (True story!)  Which traveler are you?

8 Tips For Your Next Cruise

After 24-months away from cruising, I was really excited to get back to our favorite vacation but as I got out my suitcase, I realized that I was a little rusty on the packing and planning portion of a cruise.  I had to take a beat to remember some of the tricks that my husband and I have learned over the course of our 18 cruises.  If you are new to cruising or are considering your return to cruising, I hope these 8 tips can refresh your memory or help you to plan your trip.