Roanoke, Virginia; A Winter Weekend Getaway To The Star City

Nestled in the Roanoke Valley is it's namesake, the City of Roanoke, the largest city in Southwest Virginia.   Incorporated as Roanoke in 1884, the area has history that goes back to 1852 when it was known under the name of "Big Lick." 

7 Tips To Surviving Travel Disruptions: The Importance Of Flexibility When Traveling

Canceled or delayed flights, lost luggage, bad weather, mechanical breakdown, illness, and yes, even a pandemic can derail or, even worse, cancel your travel plans. I hope you've never experienced any of these in your travels but the more we travel, it's likely that a disruption will present itself from time to time.  It's a fact of life.  And while it's not always possible to prevent such disruptions, the pessimistic side of me would advise you to expect life to happen and encourage you to consider the what if’s.  When your plans start to fall apart, the question is, will you?

Six Bucket List Travel Spots To Consider

A few nights ago, we entertained ourselves by looking through photos from past adventures.  As Roger flipped through each picture, he started saying, "I can't believe we were there!"   As he said it again and again, I started to wonder which "pinch me moment" places were my favorites.  The list is long and picking favorites is as impossible as picking your favorite child!  We have had some wonderful trips in fantastic places so it's been hard to pick just a few.